three generations of Israeli artichoke growers brought baskets of their produce to Beit HaNasi


Attached photo credit: Mark Neyman (GPO)

President Rivlin:

"Happy TuBishvat to us all. I am always very happy to welcome our growers and farmers here.”

To mark Tu B'Shvat, three generations of Israeli artichoke growers brought baskets overflowing with their produce to President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin at Beit HaNasi today, Monday 10 February / 15 Shevat. The growers – the Shmilovitz family from Neve Yarak, the Mazor family from Nir Baninm and the Yakoba-Rahmani family from Shafir, told the president that they had heard that he was a great lover of the artichokes that Nechamaז"ל  used to prepare and so were even prouder to present him with their produce.

The president marveled at the produce, thanked the growers for visiting and said, “even though I am a Jerusalemite through and through, Nechama the moshavnikit always made sure we had a connection to Israel’s nature, its soil and its seasons. Nechama’s artichokes became a talking-point at Rivlin family Friday night dinners, and so this fills me with a special longing.”

“Our connection to the land is first and foremost from working it. You do that every day,” added the president. “I am always very happy to welcome those who work the land of Israel here in this house. Tu B'Shvat Sameach, my dears, and to us all!”

Noam Yakoba, chair of the artichoke growers’ group of the Plants Production and Marketing Board said that artichokes were even planted in the community garden established at Beit HaNasi by Nechama Rivlin ז"ל. The growers also spoke of their great pride, along with the difficulties and challenges that agriculture has faced over the generations. The president expressed his hope that this year would be a bumper crop, with rain at the right time.

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