Security Cabinet Visits IDF Home Front Command for Meeting on Home Front Readiness


Attached photo credit: Kobi Gideon (GPO)

The Security Cabinet, earlier today (Monday, 16 July 2018), concluded a visit to IDF Home Front Command and a discussion on the readiness of the home front for emergency situations. During the visit, which was planned in advance according to the annual work plan, members of the cabinet were briefed on the readiness of the home front for security emergency scenarios and earthquakes.

The Ministerial Committee on National Security (the Security Cabinet), headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, decided to establish a joint team chaired by the National Security Council – and with the participation of the Defense Ministry, the Finance Ministry and other ministries – to formulate, within 60 days, an approximately NIS 5 billion multi-year plan for 2019-2030, for continuing home front protective activity and to improve preparedness for earthquakes and emergency situations.

The Cabinet also charged the Finance Ministry Budget Director and the Defense Ministry Director-General to indicate – within three weeks – a budgetary source for NIS 500 million from within the budget of the aforesaid plan, to carry out the structural reinforcement of – inter alia – public institutions and residences, according to Home Front Command's order of priorities, in 2018-2019.

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