President Rivlin met Chief ofStaff of theUS AirForce General David L Goldfein,who is visiting Israel

Attached photo credit: Haim Zach (GPO)

Israel President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin met Chief of Staff of the US Air Force General David L Goldfein this evening, Thursday 14 November / 16 Cheshvan, at Beit HaNasi in Jerusalem. General Goldfein, the US equivalent of the Commander of the Israeli Air Force, is visiting Israel as part of the joint US-Israel Blue Flag exercise.

At the beginning of his remarks, the president addressed the security situation and this week’s combat, emphasizing the importance of US support for Israel’s security policy, and the unparalleled cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries in joint exercises and other fields.

“There is nothing more symbolic than this week’s joint operations, working shoulder to shoulder, even during the combat situations we were under,” said the president. “We know that your support and the information exchanges between us are a solid basis for IDF operations. Our deep appreciation and thanks for the cooperation.”

Chief of Staff of the US Air Force General David L Goldfein: "The U.S and Israel enjoy a strong and enduring military-to-military partnership, one we've built upon trust developed over decades of cooperation. What an honor and privilege to be here in Israel today. We thank you all for your hospitality, and look forward to building on our already rock-solid alliance."

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