Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visits soldiers injured in car attack in Jerusalem

Attached photo credit: Haim Zach (GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Thursday, 6 February 2020), conducted a security tour at the tunnels checkpoint in Gush Etzion. Prior to the tour, he visited soldiers who were wounded in the car-ramming attack in Jerusalem, at Hadassah-Ein Kerem Hospital,

Prime Minister Netanyahu received a security briefing from the IDF Etzion Brigade commander and the Border Police Jerusalem area southern battalion commander, and spoke with soldiers and commanders serving in the area.

Prime Minister Netanyahu after the visit:

"We are here at the tunnels checkpoint. I would like to commend the IDF soldiers, Border Police personnel and the police officers, who are working for our security 24/7. The car-rammer terrorist passed by here and it is only a question of time – not much time – until we apprehend him.

I also visited with our wounded soldiers. I wish them, and all the wounded, a full recovery.

I would also like to say something to Abu Mazen: This will not help you – not the stabbings, not the car-rammings, not the sniping and not the incitement. We will do everything necessary to protect our security, to set our borders, [and] to ensure our future. We will do this together with you or without you."

Prime Minister Netanyahu also spoke with family members at the hospital and wished the wounded a quick and easy recovery. He was briefed on their situation by Hadassah Director Prof. Yoram Weiss and Hadassah Medical Centers Director General Prof. Zeev Rothstein.

Earlier, the Prime Minister spoke by telephone with the parents of the soldier who was severely wounded in the Jerusalem car-ramming and told them, "I am praying together with you for the recovery of your son. All of Israel embraces you."

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