Israel PM Netanyahu’s Remarks upon Departing Washington

Attached photo credit: Amos Ben-Gershom (GPO)

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, early this morning, made the following remarks upon departing Washington DC:

“I am now returning from an historic visit to Washington. President Trump’s recognition of our sovereignty over the Golan Heights will be remembered for generations.

There is a very important principle in international life – when you start wars of aggression, you lose territory; do not come and claim it afterwards. It belongs to us. We have historic foundations on the Golan Heights. When you dig there, you discover magnificent synagogues, which we are restoring.

We have returned to the Golan; the Golan is ours. The Golan is ours by historic right and by right of self-defense, and President Trump recognizes this. That you are not covering this for more than a minute, is something you will be called to account for. However, in historical reckoning this is huge.”

The Prime Minister added:

“I am taking this plane quickly in order to return home and go directly to the Defense Ministry. We are dealing with the security matters.

We have responded very, very forcefully. Hamas needs to know that we will not hesitate to go in and take all necessary steps – regardless of anything, any date, other than Israel’s security needs.”

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