Israel PM and DM Netanyahu Goes to IDF Staging Area near the Gaza Strip

Attached photo credit: Kobi Gideon (GPO)

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this morning (Thursday, 28 March 2019), went to the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip in order to monitor the deployment of IDF units in the field. He went to the staging areas and received security briefings from GOC Ground Forces Maj.-Gen. Kobi Barak, and divisional and brigade commanders.

Afterwards Prime Minister Netanyahu participated in the ceremony to open the section of Highway #6 from Tel Kashish to the Somekh interchange. Following is an excerpt of his remarks at the ceremony:

“I come now from the border with the Gaza Strip. I met with divisional and brigade commanders who are on the first line. We are tightening the security ring around the Gaza Strip.

I recently ordered that the units be reinforced, that tools be added, in preparation for an extensive campaign. All citizens of Israel know that if an extensive campaign is necessary – we will go into it strong and secure, after all other possibilities have been exhausted.

We are operating on several fronts simultaneously. Not far from here are the Golan Heights, our sovereignty over which was recognized by President Trump three days ago. This is a tremendous diplomatic achievement for the State of Israel.

Beyond the Golan Heights is Syria, and also Iran. Iran is constantly trying to bring precision long-range missiles, which are very advanced and very lethal, into Syria. We are not prepared to accept this and our activity against Iran’s attempt to entrench militarily in Syria, to bring in advance weaponry, is continuing all the time.”

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