Israel is determined to prevent Iran and its proxies from establishing a military presence in Syria

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this afternoon (Wednesday, 5 September 2018), at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting, made the following remarks:

"Israel is determined to prevent Iran and its proxies from establishing a military presence in Syria. We are taking strong action against these attempts and against the attempts to produce precision weaponry in all sectors, near and far. We will continue to take such action on behalf of the security of Israel.

There are many indicators that cause satisfaction to the citizens of Israel. GNP is rising. Unemployment is declining. The credit rating is at an all-time high. The inequality index is declining. But there is one indicator that brings me – and government ministers as well, I am sure – special satisfaction.

Yesterday we were informed of important and happy news: 89% of the citizens of Israel, almost 90%, are satisfied or very satisfied with life in Israel. This is not sour news; it is a result of Israel's citizens knowing that it is good to live in Israel.

Israel is a rising global power. Its economy is growing and flourishing. Our foreign relations are flourishing. Infrastructures are being built. Life is good in the State of Israel in every respect. Tourism is at record-levels, and so on and so forth. People simply feel that the country is moving forward, that it is good to live in Israel. Therefore almost 90% of the population says that they are either satisfied or very satisfied to live here. This causes us, temporarily, to be satisfied.

But the foregoing is insufficient. We constantly want to improve and make things better. Aside from this there is still another 11% that we need to reach.

Therefore I would like to wish all citizens of Israel a good and sweet year, that this year too will be as successful as its predecessor. May you have a good year."

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