Brazilian Innovation Agency and Israel Innovation Bureau cooperate for the first time

EMBRAPII and the Israel Innovation Authority are among several entities to fund four joint R&D projects between Brazilian and Israeli companies and research centers

Jerusalem – 07 October 2019 – The Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation (EMBRAPII) and the Israel Innovation Authority today announced the approval of four joint R&D projects between Brazilian and Israeli companies and research centers at a total investment of $7.5 million. The funding was provided by EMBRAPII and the Israel Innovation Authority, as well as funding agencies, research centers, and R&D companies from both countries. The companies were selected by EMBRAPII and the Israel Innovation Authority in a joint evaluation process that took place this week.

The Brazilian-Israeli joint projects that received funding include:

Pelemix (Israel) and Brasil Ambiental (Brazil): Pelemix develops individual, customized substrates for various crops that increase yield and reduce costs. These unique substrates are composed of specially designed blends by combining particle sizes and particle types. Pelemix also supplies cocopeat ingredients as raw material for blenders. The project aims to develop a substrate that will increase agricultural yield in Brazil – and beyond – by substantially improving seedlings’ survival rate during transplanting, and improving resistance to soil–borne fungus.

Brenmiller Energy (Israel) and Fortlev Energia Solar Ltd. (Brazil): Brenmiller Energy provides sustainable energy solutions to the Distributed Generation Market. The company developed a patented thermal energy storage generation unit (bGen). The project aims to increase the overall efficiency and utilization of thermal energy on the production floor of Fortlev’s industrial plant and/or one of its partners, based on Brenmiller Energy’s special thermal storage (b-Gen) technology.

Metrycom Communications Ltd. (Israel) and Energisa Soluções S.A (Brazil): Metrycom designs and supplies advanced smart grid sensors solutions that predict and detect faults in distribution and transmission power grids. The project aims to provide reliable online monitoring of large rural power distribution grids via a low-cost, innovative wireless smart grid sensor network solution.

GreenRoad Driving Technologies Ltd. (Israel) and Energisa Soluções S.A (Brazil): GreenRoad is a global leader in driver safety, fleet performance management, and analytics solutions. Driven by a vision of zero fatalities, the company has developed a comprehensive suite of field-proven products, applications, and engagement tools that help organizations improve driving habits and safety, reduce risk and cost of claims, and increase operational efficiency. The project uses advanced analytics and actionable insights relating to drivers' behavior and vehicle use to impact fleets’ efficiency levels.

The joint initiative between EMBRAPII and the Israel Innovation Authority aims at promoting activities in specific industrial sectors in order to intensify scientific and technological cooperation and projects between Brazilian and Israeli entities that could lead to the development of innovative processes and products.

Aharon Aharon, CEO, Israel Innovation Authority: "We are pleased to see such remarkable results from the first Industrial R&D collaboration between Israel and Brazil. This partnership between Brazil's well-developed industrial sector and Israel's world-renowned technological innovation ecosystem offers benefits for both countries and an impact that will advance both economies."

Jorge Guimarães, President of EMBRAPII: “The partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority has proven to be the right initiative towards making Brazilian and Israeli industries more aware of the wide range of opportunities to be explored between both countries. The approval of these four projects will certainly bring about auspicious results for all parties involved. We are looking forward to strengthening this collaboration even more in the near future.”

Both EMBRAPII and the Israel Innovation Authority are currently reviewing additional proposals that were submitted up to September 26th, 2019.

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